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Feb 22 2019 -iCurd in Hideout Studio recording 3 songs

Jan 12 2011 - Indelible track "Outerspace" featured in Wonder Woman Day 2010 documentary. "Happy Doom" gets love too.

Dec 10 2010 - "Pope Song" featured in Getty Images quarterly broadcast intro.

Jan 15 2009 - Indelible Beancurd review by Jim Phillips

Dec 2008 - Indelible album These Curds Don't Run drops. Fans everywhere at home alone rejoices.

May 17 2005 - icurd song on compilation CD.

Some of these are only loosely music videos, but you gotta work with what you've got, right?

That's what our moms said.

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our music rocks"I Left my Blargh in San Francisco" (or .ogg) appeared on Manasseh Records' compilation 'Girl With No Name'

"Indelible Beancurd" (or .ogg) is the Indelible Beancurd theme

Lyrics for all songs on 'These curds don't run."

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Indelible Beancurd has prepared - in hyper-phonic multi-channel sound - a new album consisting of 16 songs - These Curds Don't Run. Thanks to audio fidelity technology delivering TWO distinct audible signals of sound waves, it's like two albums, one in each speaker, each slightly different, yet digitally synchronized for maximum ultrasound imaging. Pleasing for both left and right ears, this space-age stereophonic technology delivers hi-fi "stereo" acoustics across a wide spectrum, plunging profound sonic depths. Audiophiles beware. Employing the skillful musicianry (of others) betwixt a diffused kaleidoscope of undulating metaphoric chansons, Indelible Beancurd offers you, the listener a superior experience transcending the monophonic. -Indelible Beancurd Sonic Bids
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Indelible Beancurd is Ethan Rand McCarty and Dan Dreifort's latest musical endeavor. iCurd records and performs (rarely) in NYC and San Diego, regularly conning others to join them. Reluctant cohorts: Kevin Jenkins, Jonny Napalm, Lauren, Sarah Schur, Alex McCown, George Grant, Kiku Collins, Bryan Gibson and Josh Antonuccio. We've recorded at at Planet Grey, 3 Elliott and a few other studios. Silent E is the Indelible artist and Liaison to the Sun. (but you can't blame him for this awesome web page) Justin Zimmerman is our occasional pimp.

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